Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Message of Love From Lisa Raty

Henny brings many pleasant memories to mind and I'm privileged to have had her as a very good friend and neighbor for many years.

It is so very true that Henny had a zest for life and was a force of nature. She worked in her garden daily, adding new plants and expanding the landscape each year, and her orchids bloomed each spring.

She cared for and cherished nature's creatures from birds to cats and even rats. She was telling me how with Karl's help she was able to save a field rat that had fallen into their swimming pool. She released the poor thing into the ravine behind the house. Henny was a joy and the glue of the neighborhood.

Just a mention of vacation plans and she would offer to look after my cat, as she did on numerous occasions. As I told her at Christmastime, I truly enjoyed her visits in the evenings. We would often talk about our families. She cared for Karl deeply and was proud of her sons and their families. My prayers are with Karl and Peter and Robert and their families during this time of sorrow.

May the wonderful memories of a devoted wife, mother and Oma alleviate the pain of losing a loved one. May the hope of seeing our loved ones again for eternity give you renewed strength to live and enjoy life to the fullest as Henny did and would have liked all of us to do.

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