Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Mesasge of Love from The Arkay-Leliever Family


I was aware of your mother's frail health of course through my mom, but I am simply stunned by the news of her passing.

We are so, so sorry for your family's loss; Henny was like a second mom to me growing up......she always cared so much about my education, my love life and my future.....we had many great times together as families and I find solace in thinking about them

"FLUFFYYYYYYYY".....I'll never forget her calling out! And our midnight BBQ's, Kroepoek chips, swimming and gossip was always a hoot. ("Hoot" another term forged into my memory by your mom)

Our entire family's thoughts and prayers are with you all and I know she is in a much, much better place and will be watching over ALL of us now and guiding us in her special ways.

Please take good care of dad and your little bro and I hope to see you soon!


The Arkay-Leliever family:
Christian, Elizabeth, Brittany, Kendall, Carson....Wolfie, Stanzi, Chippie and Lola!

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