Monday, March 16, 2009

A Message of Love from Monqiue

Tante Henny will be missed by so many people but for you and your family I am sure it is extremely difficult.

In my heart she holds a very special place. I grew up in a house full of boys where boys rule........ Tante Henny was like a shinning little beacon far away. I could always feel her love and care because she was always there when you needed her. Her family was number one and she made you know it in a quiet way. She was always writing me letters and calling to talk as often as she could.

Growing up in a big family was wonderful but I remember many times when Tante Henny would spoil me and back then it was such a treat. I remember when we went to Toronto to visit she took me to a huge record store and let me pick out my very first album,(the Partridge Family and I still have it!) she always encouraged my love for music.........and then every Christmas when "The Package" came in the mail there was always one inside with my name on it.

Tante Henny made me feel so special....and it did not end there.....she continued when my children were born and every Christmas without fail, there in the post box was a parcel delivery note. My children got to feel like what it was like to have such a special Auntie.

I know gifts are not everything but it really wasn't the gift, but the surprise of each gift she choose for each and every one of us....the love behind that gift was felt.

All the trips out to see us when we were small. I think of what a brave lady she was. I always thought it was so inspiring how she made taking the trip with her boys such an adventure. She used to say she wanted her kids to know their western cousins....we were very lucky.

I think such a kind and beautiful soul brought up wonderful sons and I know that sweet part of her will live on in you.She will always be watching over you and taking care of you in her own way.

I will miss my Tante Henny and always be grateful I had such a wonderful lady in my life!!!

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