Monday, March 16, 2009

A Message of Love From The Fuchs Family

Henny – Such a Special Person

I have grown up knowing Henny as my other Mother. I knew Henny for as far as I can remember. My mom, Lore Fuchs, and Henny were best of friends.

It is with sadness and sorrow to hear that Henny will not be able to continue with us on earth and look down upon us from the sky.

I tend to remember the following things about Henny:

Rum/Coke - I was always entrusted when I was a kid to ensure we had coke at the house for when Henny & Karl joined our family for dinner.

Shortbread - Henny loved her shortbread and I became quite fond of it because of her.

Swimming - my sister and I and after a while my wife and I would walk down the back path to Henny's pool and enjoy a nice swim in the pool - I still remember today standing with Peter at the bottom of the pool while they were still building it.

Christmas Dinners - My wife and I would always enjoy having a Christmas dinner because we knew Karl and Henny would come along with parts of my family and my wife's to create such a happy time when usually Henny started talking about something funny - and the laughs would roll into the wee hours.

Canasta - Henny loved this card game and I would always enjoy her spunk when playing.

Every member of my family is devastated by the news and we will all miss her.

I will miss my other Mom very much and although she is gone - she is probably on the courts somewhere smashing the winning point for victory.

My Mom has lost her best friend, my son has lost a surrogate grandma and I have lost a very influential person in my life. Henny was nothing but a loving, kind, fun person who was part of our family and my life always and forever.

I know she knows how much I loved having her in my life and that she was able to see my first born son Myles.

Trevor Fuchs
Speaking on behalf of the Fuchs Family

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