Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Message of Love From Gonny, Tania, Dimitri and Max Delmaar

Henny was our far away Aunt, but she was always close to us in Holland.

Aunt Henny lived far away in Canada. She sent audio tapes with stories about how it was to live in Canada, and I remember that she came the first time around 1965 with Peter to Holland. It was a very special time.

She was always sending pictures and letters. Every time when she and Uncle Karl came to Holland we went to the Hague to the house where she lived and walked through the district and the beach.

It was very special to hear how it was in those times. And she remembered a lot of things. Once we had the chance to look in the house. The owners of the house had found and kept the Christmas stable of the family. And she recognized the dog which was missing a piece of the nose. It was really very emotional after so many years to find this back.

On another day we went on very sunny Queen's Day with the bike to the Queen's Market. It was fun with her to do such things.

I always will remember my Aunt as a very sweet aunt, always wanting to chat about this and that and very interested in people's lives.

We will miss her.

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